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Monday, 6 April 2015

Spam Traffic And Great Feedback On Fiverr

Recently, I had the great opportunity to spend $15 on Fiverr, I was too excited for it, as it would have been my first time doing so. First and foremost, I created my gigs, 4 in total. I didn't do any promotion till now, just waited for the time to pass.

I was happy to see a boost in my view count for gigs, but unfortunately no sales. And I lost $10 for my stupid experiment and decision. Let's dig more.

Fake Traffic

I was surfing through all the gigs in the market section and there I saw many promising to deliver traffic for $5. Though it didn't made any sense, I bought it out of curiosity as one of the gigs promised Google traffic.

Below things happened after I bought the gig :
  1. My google traffic increased and now I am getting more than 200 sessions each day. That's impressive. But, they are either bots or someone has passed feed in analytic's to inflate the number because those new visitors don't do anything.
  2. Though, in a way, I got what I paid for, it will take me a month's time to see the actual visitors in anlaytic's. So, now I am using other alternatives to see my actual traffic.
  3. I lost my $5 for some nice stats which are just feel good image.
Conclusion :  Traffic can be bought, but once should use legitimate ways like ad on blogs and websites, or using social media, or going to ad networks like Adwords or Yahoo ads.

Useless Tweet

Twitter is an awesome platform and as a blogger we dream of getting millions of followers and people checking out our posts via tweets.

Here comes the story of my second gig purchased. I was promised my tweet to be shown to more than 1 million followers. I was happy as it will get me some real visitors or traction, but all gone in vain,

The person did had a twitter profile with million followers, and a facebook page with thousands of followers, but hardly anyone interacted with the posts. I guess the followers are just bots, as at least some traction would have been there, if it was a real person following.

Below things happened
  1. My website got tweeted to million of followers and that's it, it was lost in bunch of others tweets.
  2. The harm was not high when compared to fake traffic, though no value was added, I need not worry each day for it.
  3. On a positive note, I got 1 tweet, by a real person, to whom I paid $5.
Conclusion : Seeing the ROI, my $5 would have been better invested in twiiter ads, at least I would have got a real follower or tweet for my money. Anyway, I deserved it.

Great Feedback For Blog

Thank goodness, I did something good with my last $5. The guy made a 5 minute video like a user visiting my blog, he gave some real actionable insight and that was awesome. Based on the feedback, I changed my personal blog's theme. Check out my blog here, rohanbhardwaj.com

Though I felt like I don't need one, after seeing the comments, I was taken back. Now, I am more focused on the user end of the process. I need to create blog which people want, not create a blog and hope people will come.

Below things happened
  1. I learnt the improvement areas of my blog and immediately revamped my site for a better user experience.
  2. Many design element of website were improved, also I have been putting myself in a designer shoes for my blog.
  3. I am happy with all the changes.
Conclusion : People on fiverr reviews the website as a user and also highlights the loopholes from a internet experienced guy's perspective. That helps a lot in the whole process.


By analyzing the reviews and description, one can make a better decision on fiverr, sometimes a conscious mind help too. if in doubt message and make your doubts clarified. So, if any case you don't get what they promised, you may ask for a refund.

On a nicer note, fiverr is an awesome place to get your small work done, if you find the right guy.

P.S. Do check out my profile https://www.fiverr.com/johnselling