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How Does Google Rank Your Content?

Most of us are struggling to get traffic for our blog, landing page or amazon page. Traffic from Google, a.k.a organic traffic is pricele...

Monday, 27 April 2015

How Does Google Rank Your Content?

Most of us are struggling to get traffic for our blog, landing page or amazon page. Traffic from Google, a.k.a organic traffic is priceless. Take your example, you go to Google when you need answers for your question, or buy a product or help in any aspect.

So, when people lands on your blog or website, they are the to-be customers of your site. But, not all of them would pay money. Hence, it becomes necessary to have huge amounts of traffic coming from all sources, mostly from Google.

You might be wondering how Google ranks your content, so you can work on it and be ahead in the race. I have listed down tips to leverage and attract. Learn along with me.

Social Signals Matter


Today's world have came closer with all the social sharing made easy. From facebook to twitter, the news travel faster than traditional mode. Distance have become less in terms of communication and so does your article is consumed by folks around the globe.

Social sharing has many benefits :

1. The more shares you get, the more traffic you will get and it reaches new demographic range, which otherwise would not have been explored.

2. It stays as social proof. When someone comes to your content later, they see like social counts next to your article. Seeing huge number will make them intrigue and they might read the content to it's fullest.

3. It becomes a chain and if you manage to get initial shares, it keeps on going and new visitors often share it too, without any hesitation.

How does Google Rank Here?

As evident from the multiple case-study, this infograph by Neil patel explains it all. The more tweets, +1s, facebook shares the article gets, it goes higher in SERPs.

So does this mean, you should buy likes and shares. You can, but I don't recommend it 100 percent. Instead go for a mix, buy some shares, earn the rest. Write content that everyone would love to share. The more user initiated the share is, the more higher ranking you will get.

Tips To Get MORE social shares :

1. Make it easy for people to share your article. Ideally it should be visible at all times, so anyone can share it by reading any amount they wish.

2. The less choices in social shares you give to the readers, the more social shares you will end up accumulating. Ideally go for tweet, facebook likes, Google +1's.

3. Ask for it, there is no shame in it and you will end up receiving more shares than you usually did. Most of the times, people are willing to share, they just forget. So, kindly remind them.

Become A Brand


2015 is here and there is no denying that you should really focus on building your brand. That way you will end up being shown more in SERP's.

For example, Google is a brand. They have grown their company so much, that search engine have become synonymous with them. You hardly think of other search engines. Most of us never bother to know the alternatives.

Keeping that in mind, we need to come up with name and deliver exceptional content, product so it helps in building our name. Once it is done, you will see a steady rise in rankings.

Reasons To Become A Brand

1. People often don't like the name which are service oriented like thebestsearchengine.com, instead people love a brand name which is more professional.

2. You can open a company from a blog brand or do vice-versa.

3. Your brand is your unique signature, identity and it will grow your trust and thus you can sell your products more efficiently.

How Google Recognizes Brand?

When Google use to favor the keyword rich domain, many people jumped into that market. But, now this is no longer the case. Indeed Google have clearly mentioned about the branding aspect.

At the same time, branding name looks less spam. You don't want to lose your readers, before even getting them.

Tips To BRAND Yourself Like A PRO :

1. Be it your domain name, Company name, twitter handle, acquire the same brand name, when you launch your blog.

2. Try to be as unique as possible that when people type in your brand, only your blog turns up as it is plain unique. Go ahead and try to search, "Mybirthdaye". Do you see my blog? Let me know in comments.

3. Include it in your email signature, personal and professional. Every time someone connects with you, they should be connecting with your brand.

Inter-Linking Articles

Who don't do inter-linking these days? I have mentioned it many times in my past blog. You might be wondering why I don't interlink in here. I will start when I have at least 30 to 40 articles. Right now, I have a short number of articles.

But, I do link out to influential bloggers often.

Why You Should Interlink?

1. You get link juice from inter-linking your articles too. Just check out Wikipedia, they do this job the best in the online world.

2. Since you are the owner, you can make any page more valuable than others. For example, linking to landing page from all of your page will boost its ranking. This is what we call leveraging the source we have.

3. Decreases bounce rate, readers say more on the site and this too sends positive signals to search engines.

How Does Google Track Inter-Linking?

SEO just got better with inter-linking. As I mentioned, it passes pagerank to your desired page. The best practice is to do it when necessary and serves as a purpose. This way you will have a good amount of linking pages where people might spend their time.

Interlink your articles for multiple benefits as mentioned in this post in Problogger.

Tips To Do Better Interlinking : 

1. Link with longer keywords, explaining the post that has been linked, so readers have an idea of the post before they click it.

2. Link often from new articles to old articles, and do less linking from old to new articles. This way you might avoid a link to link page.

3. Keep creating epic content, as linking articles fails terribly if the content is not that good. You need to keep a balance on both.

Design Is The Key

Image Credit : Link

The attention span of people these days are getting shorter than ever. With vine in place, people want a full story to entertain them in 6 seconds. That's worrying in blogging world.

If by chance, you fail to impress them in few seconds, you will lose out on valuable readers. No matter the high quality content, design of your blog is the key element that decides on the impression you put on your first time readers.

Reasons To Foucs on DESIGN :

1. The more simpler the design is, the more easy is to navigate and people hate complicated things. We all want quick, easy and attractive design.

2. If you made your design custom made, chances are you can add your personal touch and make it your own unique design and people will make out, your blog is different on design.

3. A simple design change can boost your sales, from leads to conversions.

How Ranking Is Connected With Designs?

A source code which has less errors and page elements which loads asynchronously has a low page load time and that is a SEO factor. Your designs can be the deal breaker when it comes to people coming as a first time user.

And with mobile responsive as a factor in search, you need to have a responsive design to do well in mobile search results.

ROCKING tips to do MORE with Designs :

1. Use a font that is readable by elders and use a color that is loved by young people. You can do surveys or A/B testing for this purposes too.

2. Hire a professional developer, so you can tweak the design at any time you wish. Spend time finding the right one, as you need one for long run.

3. Keep a design for at least 6 months, constantly changing designs can confuse the visitors and then the whole point of designs would toss out.

Detailed Content Performs Better


Many case studies suggests long form content ranks better in SERP's. It is understood that longer content have better chances of having detailed answer than short content.

Being a user one needs to only visit one page for all the answer, no one likes half-cooked rice. Although one can churn out an okay content in long form, the interaction from user indicates Google whether it is worthy or not.

Long form content is the best strategy to get your rankings high in Google.

Reasons WHY long content Ranks :

1. Longer content gets more links as it is valuable and solves a problem in better way in eyes of Google.

2. People read more content and thus stay longer on the site and chances are they will visit other sources in the article itself, thus sensing more positive signals.

3. Long content often gets more social shares except for few geniuses like Seth Godin

How To Write Detailed Content?

Start by choosing a topic which is wide enough and could take a longer post to explain all the aspects. Bring in some authority by researching the topic yourself and then making up notes.

Now, make an outline for the post, and then expand on it. To add more value, use examples, if real then better. Or make an awesome virtual one. Keep pushing and keep improving, you will get there.


Ranking on Google is the number priority for many bloggers out there. With SEO to content, we are working on different aspects to make it happen.

The key is to develop one strategy and then move on to next one. Ultimately you need to master all of it to see massive difference. How else can you rank on Google?