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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

3 Creative Ways To Get Post Ideas

Blogging is a tough job when every week most of us face the writers block. Staring at the white screen and thinking of everything but anything within your niche is the worst thing we do. Creating content on a regular basis is the meat of blogging success.

Especially for new bloggers, they seem  to start on a very steep height with new posts every day or next day. But soon enough, most of us aren't able to publish to quality content like once we published.

The dilemma is common and with this post, your solution would be easy too. Internet is full of opportunities, even for your next article. I have covered the meat with simple easy to do steps. Try them all.

Dig The Reasons

Chances are we are trying to write for a topic which is limited or our knowledge is less, naturally after some time we would face problems coming up with topics. Try to go in a niche, but something which has many branches so you always have waters to get wet.

What To Do If You Have Invested A Lot?

You can always hire a writer who has ample knowledge and skills to come up with topics and write for you. But, then you won't be blogging, but owning that blog. Based on writing style, it would be easier to associate a writer with those posts.

Chances are your authority would be less. You can overcome it by continuously writing and only adding other authors post occasionally and not every time.

If you feel like you would be better have some writers back up when you are out of topics, http://jobs.problogger.net/ A Job Board by Darren Rowse is a great place to find awesome writers.

What I Recommend

If you are a business, you are better off outsourcing work, but try to hire writers from your business, so they write post which resonates with your thinking.

However, if you can devote time and energy, then I suggest you develop your skills and write each of your blog posts. This will help in branding, authority and leads to whatever business you might be drawing.

And best of all blogging is fun and refreshing. If you are into connecting with people, growing, learning and helping, then you have no choice but to blog by yourself.

Avoid Writers Block

As it is rightly said, "Prevention is better than cure". Wouldn't it be nice if you don't have to face writers block and worry about your next post.

It should be a good practice to stack up the content calendar for at least 1 month beforehand. It is easy to do it. Brainstorm yourself each day, whenever you get some topic, write it down. Later when you have handful of them, polish them into great headline and mark it on specific day.

This way, you will always have topic to write for as you would be working each day. Just keep pen and paper handy or virtual notepad in your phone.

1. Steal Ideas

Always keep reading some of the best blogs in your niche and some personal development blogs. Doing this will help you keep informed about the new things in your niche and help you grow personally too.

Whenever you are scratching your head about the next great topic for your blog, go and research your competitors blog. You can do it manually or by a tool like http://buzzsumo.com/

What you need to find is a topic which either has good number of comments or shares or both. Now, either write about the same topic, but you need to go in more detail than the article you found or choose the article idea to generate new ideas.

For example, "How to Earn Money From Blogging?" can be tweaked to "Roadblocks In Earning Money From Blogging"

Remember, this technique would help you find many great articles, the idea is not to copy, but to get inspired to come up with an interesting topic, or perspective.

2. Dig Your Old Posts

Writing evergreen posts is tough as most of the times, there will be developments and the old blog posts might become less relevant. Instead of just editing updated data, rewrite the old blog posts with today's relevancy.

The best way to do this is to keep a tab of all not-evergreen blog posts in an excel file. Make it a habit when you are out of topics, to go into this vault and explore the potential.

Write compelling article with a different style or your readers might not find it interesting. Make it superb epic by doubling the effort than your old post. Once you do it, link the new article from the old one and NOT from new article to old one.

This one often will happen when you have written quite a number of posts down at least 1 year. Even if your content generation is on mark, you should do this for the better experience of readers and to be authentic about information being shared.

3. Write Off Topic

Yes, it may sound like a bad thing to do for your audience, but this will eventually help you more than your niche topics.

Stories, personal connection makes the blog lively and you want to do that in each of your blog post. Storytelling will help you grow at a faster rate.

When you are having this no idea phase, write about what you love, why you started the blog or your recent success or failure in life. Take this blog post to tell your audience about the side which they don't know yet. Remember, inspirational posts or post about current events which has affected you will do the tick too.

For example, how watching FIFA made you more energetic than before or how Christmas was the very unusual one this year.


There are two best ways to keep motivating yourself, reading and writing each day, maybe even 100 words or writing or 1 article reading. Learning is the best thing we can do each day.

How else do you find article ideas?

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