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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

5 Checklist For Naming Your Blog

Your blog is the best place where you can connect with readers and throw your pitch for any sales, connection or conversions. Blogs are the lifeline of many business and many others have grown blogging as a business.

No matter which group you fall in, you need to keep striving to be the best. It all starts with your blog name, people often remember your name. Most of the times, people choose the blog name for the topic they would be writing.

Is it the right way? Lets find out.

1. Become The Brand

Most of the influential website you visit don't have the name of blog as their content, be it Google, Microsoft or Moz. They have grown over the years and their name represents the brand. Most of times, you may use your nick name, or come up with a creative name.

Although some websites like answers.com or ask.com exists, the brand name stands out and people remember it more than generic name.

In alignment with same, I have chosen my blog's name mybirthdaye.com. So, people remember it and with my content and reach, people will recognize it along the way.

2. Keep It Short

The shorter the name is, the merrier it is. Need more proof, let's see your hangout place, 9gag, digg, reddit. Facebook have shortened their url and they can now be accessed via fb.com.

These days, it becomes difficult for buying short names as most of them are already taken in dot com format. Not to worry, as many new TLDs have come in place like .guru or .name.

So don't waste much of your time and reserve your name in the domain format. They are going out soon with each time passing by.

3. Domain = Blog's Name

Your blog's name and the domain name should coincide, and if you need to let the readers know what your website is about, then add small description.

A bad example would be, domain name = 9gag.com and blog's name = A website to have fun.
As we can see, the correct one is domain name = 9gag.com and website/blog's name = 9GAG, why so serious?

So understand the smart usage to let readers remember your brand/domain/blog name and what exactly is your blog about.

4. Don't Buy Costly Domains

Okay, so it happened that a cool name struck you, but it is already taken. Now, you need that, you look for it's price and it is selling for a premium price. Buying it would be don't a good choice.

Instead go for a less cool alternative and work on your blog. The more better and detailed the blog would be , the more you will succeed despite of the less cool blog name.

You should spend the money on traffic, blog design and other elements if you need to.

5. Try To Be Everywhere

Once you have a blog name, your next step would be to secure the social profiles with the same name. Just in case, you find the name is already taken then choose a creative name.

Just check out some of the people you have been following on twitter, you would get the idea. If you get the name, then sweet, if not then too sweet.


You blog's name is a thing to have a thought upon, discuss and then come up with a name. But, too much thinking and spending time is also not recommended.

I came with my blog's name in about 20 minutes. How did you came up with your blog name?

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