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How Does Google Rank Your Content?

Most of us are struggling to get traffic for our blog, landing page or amazon page. Traffic from Google, a.k.a organic traffic is pricele...

Monday, 6 July 2015

How To Start Using Good Blog Post?

Blogging is an art which many of us enjoy and others do it for their business aspects. In the long run, many of us desire for our blog posts to grow to a certain level where they are categorized as good. The interpretation of good will vary from person to person, but we have some industry standards and our common intuition which guides us.

Are we blogging not good enough?

The answer often lies in discovering our lacking. When I started blogging I often thought, the idea is always to convey my message without boring readers with endless streams of word.

However as I grew over years, I realized it was just a misconception. I developed a habit of reading books from my sister and I realized, if my blog post shares a story and connection, people will love to read more. Indeed they will enjoy their reading experience.

Countless research of blogs lead to me many great bloggers like Darren, Neil Patel. Their persona captured me and most importantly, I was learning a lot from these guys and many others.

Thee guys were doing the blogging business, writing compelling content and engaging with readers at a very superior level. I have came from my journey of 100 words to over 3000 words blog posts. But, what is the use if the content is crap and rubbish.

We as bloggers often try to make our content seem longer, but if we fail to provide quality and entertaining experience, we lose readerships.

As per Hubspot, 55 percent of visitors only spend less than 15 seconds on our blogs . The data is simply mind blowing. Definitely we can't fulfill everyone coming to our blog posts. It should at least provide the answers to many of them.

Here comes the role of generating good blog post. If you haven't started thinking about it, then perhaps you are not willing to grow. No matter your success or knowledge, if you stay somewhere for long, you are bound to become stagnant.

Lets challenge ourselves to create a post which is rich in quality, good enough to be read almost in its entirety.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

What Are The Key Elements In A Blog Post?

Blogging has become one of the best ways to communicate with your target audience. Each day many people are starting new blogs, companies are working to make their blog stand out, more content and many retail websites are using blogs to keep people stick around.

People eventually tend to become more loyal to the brand with the connection of the blog. If you are just starting out, or you have been blogging for years, you need to continually step up and give more.

The wow factor and viral element comes less often but sticking to some key elements in a blog post will help you become more authoritative, expert and awesome blogger among all the others.

Remember the process of growth is gradual and you need to take each step at a time. Lets explore what we should make a good blog post.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

3 Creative Ways To Get Post Ideas

Blogging is a tough job when every week most of us face the writers block. Staring at the white screen and thinking of everything but anything within your niche is the worst thing we do. Creating content on a regular basis is the meat of blogging success.

Especially for new bloggers, they seem  to start on a very steep height with new posts every day or next day. But soon enough, most of us aren't able to publish to quality content like once we published.

The dilemma is common and with this post, your solution would be easy too. Internet is full of opportunities, even for your next article. I have covered the meat with simple easy to do steps. Try them all.

Monday, 27 April 2015

How Does Google Rank Your Content?

Most of us are struggling to get traffic for our blog, landing page or amazon page. Traffic from Google, a.k.a organic traffic is priceless. Take your example, you go to Google when you need answers for your question, or buy a product or help in any aspect.

So, when people lands on your blog or website, they are the to-be customers of your site. But, not all of them would pay money. Hence, it becomes necessary to have huge amounts of traffic coming from all sources, mostly from Google.

You might be wondering how Google ranks your content, so you can work on it and be ahead in the race. I have listed down tips to leverage and attract. Learn along with me.