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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Write A Book?

Books are tough to write when we realize how much we need to write in total. This way you will only threaten yourself. Let's say you are hoping to complete a book of 100 pages in 6 months. So you need to write 1 page in 2 days. Now, that's doable.

Change your perspective and things just became possible. Hoping to start writing your book, I have listed some killer tips to do it the awesome way.

Read, Consume Content

Before you dive into that writing mode, you need to get your skills polished. You might be a great writer with good proficiency in English language and grammar, but you need to write for all ages for your book to be successful.

Go ahead and buy top selling books in your niche and read few of them. Study the writing style, the length and what they have given to readers. If you can top that or equal that then you have got a chance.

Most of the blogs have a simple, easy to consume content for various age groups. You may even read and practice writing that style. Once you are done and confident, then it is the time to move to phase 2 for your journey.

Be Resourceful, Research

The topic which you may have chosen, has to be popular yet scarce. Your knowledge should be correct and helpful to get the votes.

Research and get as much information as you can get and save it, get back to it while writing on your book. You have to research the market for the topic else you may be writing for a non-existent demand. Also check whether it is not competitive enough, else you may find yourself lost among well known authors.

Remember, helpful contents satisfies readers and they will share your book for you. So, the core of the content should be to solve a specific problem in all ways possible. Readers shouldn't look elsewhere after reading your book.

Stick With Your Intentions

The reason for you to write a book may vary, so keep it to that alone. You may wish to brand yourself or your company or maybe it is your passion or you just wish to pursue a career as a book writer.

Remember your goal and work accordingly. Promote your book, the way you wish it to be pursued.

Once you do it right, people will recognize you when you come next time with a new book. Remember, it is better to stick with similar topics as your past readers would feel lost, if you keep on changing topics on every new book.

It is better to get known as an authority in one topic or similar topics.

Traditional Publishing

If you are choosing traditional publishing, then it will require a lot of work. First you need to have at least 100 pages as minimum requirement for most of the publishers.

You need to contact agents and get your manuscript read by publishers. Remember authentic agents only charge when your work gets published. If you choose to not go through agents, then chances are your manuscript won't be read by them.

Be ready to get several revisions request, you will be lucky if they accept you at first go.

The amount of share you will be receive will be 10 to 30 percent and it will take at least one of your books to go top seller for you to ask more.

Sometimes they will promote your book, giving you less share, sometimes more share, but they won't promote your books. Since, this would be your first time publishing, choose less share. They can do a better promotion than you. And they need large share, so they will try the best.

Rest you can bet on your own content, if it is of high quality and appeals to readers, then bang on you are on right track. Once you get your first book on some good sale numbers, you can continue similar or good results for your next books, unless you churn low quality books.

Online Publishing

These days many traditional publishers are making their available in online formats and some start their writing journey for book online.

From Amazon to Barnes and Nobles to Google Books, you have option to publish your book in e-format with just a click of button. No one reads your book to pass it, you write it and sell it. It doesn't mean you should compromise on quality else you will suffer.

Unlike traditional publishing, online publishing has it's benefit, you can write a book with just 2500 words to any limit.

With Amazon Createspace, you can write your book and let users buy paperback version without you spending anything upfront.

Some perks are enjoyed by online publishers alone. No matter which platform you choose first, at some point you need to have books in both the platform's and format.

Steps To Complete The Book

The best way to write any piece of content is to have an outline and then expand it. Just write, don't worry of all the consequences like who is going to read it, will I complete the book, is it a waste of time.

If you keep thinking, you will keep doing the same and time will fly by.

Start writing your thoughts, if you are struggling then you may record your audio then pay some freelancers to write down the text version of it.

Just make sure you keep on writing, even if you feel disconnected at some time, just keep writing. Once you have finished writing your book, you have just passed the first step. Be proud o yourself.

Second comes editing and formatting. You can do it yourself or hire someone and then redo again if something is missed. It is necessary to remove unwanted portions, correct the spelling mistakes and grammar.

Now since you are experiencing first time a book publishing thing, just try your hand to publish books either traditional way or online way.

Design The Cover Beautifully

Books are often sold by the number of pick ups it gets on the bookshelf or clicks on website. It can only be done when your cover is beautiful and makes user want to open the book. Once one reads the first few pages, he/she will get hooked and buy your book.

Though you may make your own cover, I recommend to spend some money and get it done professionally. It only makes sense to spend on things from which you will get high conversions.

Remember to emphasize on your purpose on the cover too, your name, brand or vision.

Promotion And Reviews

At the very least your friends and family would buy the book and give some positive reviews to get the initial traction. Make sure you hint them before and make them desire the book.

This way, you will sell some nice numbers at the launch day and experience the goodness at the very first day.

Reviews can make or break your future sales numbers, so try to get as many as possible just after the launch of the book.


There are two things you need to do get your book in your hand. Write consistently and have belief. If you need some inspiration, read more success or failure stories and get yourself a cup of coffee and write down like you did in high schools.

Start today, start now. Write few sentences, and you will progress and complete your book. Good luck and stay awesome.

What topic are you writing the book about?

Image Credit : By Yves abourachid (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons