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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Why You Should Blog At Microblogging Sites?

We all have sites where we blog on a frequency, so why the need to blog at sites which allow only some amount of media to be shared. Microblogging is the easiest way to spread out your post and shared, also earn some backlink's with this strategy.

It doesn't matter if you have ever done micro-blogging, you can do it now. The results are positive and it doesn't hurt for some more traffic to our own site. After all we need people to view our blog, right.

Lets dive in.

How To Effectively Do MicroBlogging?

As the name suggests, we would be blogging about things we wish to share, but it won't be a complete blog post, it would be either a link, a short paragraph, a picture or a video file.

Most of the social networking sites like twitter and facebook are the places we generally micro-blog, but we often only share our posts. Instead we should dedicate ourselves to a schedule where we do micro-post.

For example, every Monday, we should post a picture related to our business, but it should be interesting for people to click and share, this will help in brand popularity, brand recognition and most importantly long term conversion's.

People often get bored when they see same type of content being offered to them, so you have to be open to creativity and experiment.

From picture's to gif's to videos to paragraph, try everything and see which performs better, try to maximize the high shared content and keep a fair mix of other content.

You don't have to ask them to come to your website for the content, with help of microblogging they should be able to consume your content on the sites and if your content are good enough, they will become your subscriber's or customer.

a : Write About Current Topics

Microblogging sites will shower success on your post if you can deliver the topic's which people are already wanting badly. Things like current sport event, death of a superstar or something worthwhile the attention. Now, once you got the news, you need to flip it for your own website, or business.

For example, if there is a terrorist attack recently, and you have a fashion blog. Your title for the post on micro-blogging site should be, "What Fashion Style Makes Even Terrorist Wonder?"

I have chosen the most controversial example, it won't be tough for you to come up with such title's.

Now, that got the people's attention, make sure to cater it. Most of the time, people just click the backspace button. Remember the more share you get, the more exposure you get. So, put your best thoughts while crafting the post.

Go for a picture, it requires no reading, or waiting to watch the video, people with short attention span would also love to share it. It all comes down to your action plan with your experience in the micro-blogging. Trial and error, and staying with the best.

b : Spend Some Cash

It all comes down to traction, so you have a very awesome post, but the chances of growth will be minimal if you wait for it organically. As sometimes people just ignore the micro-post, you are not to blame. It happens with best of us.

Note : These strategies could be used to promote your blog post links too, however if used for micro-post on microblogging sites, it would generate more buzz and give you a profitable ROIC.

To be on the safer side, it would be in best interest to spend some cash, if the platform has such an official option to get started on your journey, once it rolls on, stop it. If your content is good enough, you will see a steady growth and if lucky sometimes, a viral growth too.

Though not necessary, spending some money with every micro-post will help you overall and it would bring in more money (value) than spent money.

Sites I Recommend

Quora :

Quora is a publishing platform where you may publish your post, but the core content is the answer you post on someone else's question. You may contribute on blog post, but if you need the real traction you need to build your reputation with quality and helpful answers.

Some of the top answers gets viewed by more than 1000K people in one day, if your content is good, you might get new followers who will eventually connect with you on Quora or any other social websites, thus profiting you.

Quora has a credit system too, you get some credits for upvotes, if you get a good amount of upvotes, you an then promote your question or answer with the help of it. A win-win situation. It is very helpful for getting your queries solved and get commented by some brilliant minds.

On a side note, it is one of the flourishing micro-blogging sites out there. My personal favorite.

Twitter :

This one is the toughest to conquer as you have only 140 characters and a place for some media files. The trick to win over here lies in the media files and usage of hash-tag's.

When you are just starting out, if you have good amount of followers then it would help you, else you can consider joining twitter groups to increase your exposure.

You have to be patient with this one, but if something takes a viral trend then it becomes too big.

If you find something in your interest is viral, keep posting about it, as you will get some attention too. It is all about keeping your feed active, live and reachable using hash-tags.

Tumblr :

What color is the dress? This had gone viral, thanks to buzzfeed, but it was picked from Tumblr blog. You get the idea about how effective any post could be on tumblr.

It is a matter of something unique to picked up by few people and it might end up in all the major news site and the debate of the century.

I am working on my tumblr blog now. It is a must to note, one must have a plan before starting out, so each step is potentially pre-planned.


Most of us do microblogging without even knowing, but since you understood some aspects of it, it is time to experiment and find your frequency.

Once you are good with the steady and increasing success, you will automatically outperform your post and content, your success lies in continuous effort and not one lucky post or micro-post for that matter.

Keep experimenting, keep improving.

Image Credit : By Pink Sherbet Photography from USA (A Case of The Rainy Day Blahs) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons