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Saturday, 14 March 2015

What Is Your Motive For Writing?

Bloggers are many in the market and anyone who can write (basically everyone who uses the internet), lives in the notion of a being a blogger. Just because you can write doesn't mean you are a entrepreneur, blogger or author.

So, how to grow from a avid reader to average writing joe to a blogger.

Learn, develop your skills, apply your learning and then repeat. This mantra works in almost all the life cases. You are someone who is a blogger or planning to become one, right? Understand one fact, if it happens that you are delivering the quality as you see in many bloggers, then it is only legitimate to hire others.

It only makes sense that way. Let us unravel things which makes a blogger or will help in becoming one and how your motive most of the times decides how you deliver the writing.

Help Others

Whether in your daily life offline or your presence online, you should help others. People are always on the internet looking for solution, either they wish to know where they can find cheap products, or how to lose weight, or where there is more fun, in reddit or 9gag or facebook.

The biggest consumer base is looking for help and as a blogger your prime concern should be helping others. How to do this?

There are many ways to get most out of your writing :
  1. Be straight to the point. Cut the bluff, ask readers what help they need, if you can then deliver it.
  2. Write keeping readers in mind and not the product. Many times when we do product review, we are promoting it too much. Instead we should focus on the benefits readers will have after it's usage.
  3. Expect minimum, if you have a goal as a business then you should analyze and tweak your approach, but as a blogger your prime happiness should be when your readers are happy.
Places To Start Before Hard-Core Blogging

We often write for self promotion or when we find some interesting post online. Many sites help us contribute things, let us make it as a place to help others. Be it a start for us before diving into blog world.

a) Facebook

We only post status which gives others the idea of what we ate, where are we going this weekend or just some funny gif we copied from somewhere without crediting.

Since the readers on Facebook are your friends, it is more likely they will read your post and also engage with it. Want a kick of blogging punch in your experience, start micro blogging on Facebook.

How to achieve this?

Found something helpful like discounts on school items when school is going to open, or a new job posting which your friends might find helpful.

Go ahead and paste the image, yes an image of the helpful thing, say limited discounts on a website. Write few lines about your shopping experience and be genuine.

What you have done just now is a promotion of a website, but without expecting anything in return, only with sole purpose of benefiting the friends. When you do blogging as a daily gig, then you need to keep this gesture in mind to help others, even if you are promoting a product for which you are paid.
If something won't be helpful, don't talk about it, okay.

b) Quora

I am certain you must have stumbled on yahoo answers, there is a similar functioning site called Quora, you may ask questions, or answer thousands of open questions on almost any topic which you may think of.
Want to learn about helping people without expecting much in return, check out the questions on Quora. Most of the guys over there answers 20 questions for every 1 question asked.

If you need to brush up your writing skills, or try blogging as a toddler, Quora would be the ultimate solution for you. They also have a feed of top stories, you can learn, get inspired and help others or even ask for one straight after signing up.

I am getting addicted to it. Simply awesome

c) Some Honorable Mentions

Hubpages : They have a strict guidelines for post, so they will keep rejecting with tips to improve upon your article until you pass it.

Google Plus: Yes, try posting mini blogs on weekly basis on related groups and you will find many eager to
help you.

Linkedin : Yes, it is a very powerful medium to get exposure to like minded people. Try it out and you will wondering why you didn't joined it first. Make sure to join relevant groups.


Keep it straight, I hope you enjoyed my post. Remember being a blogger is a process of learning and growing at the same times. Your motives will define how you take next step.

Let it be clean and you always have a helping attitude. You know karma, it will come back to you.

Take care. Stay awesome.

Image Credit : "A Case of The Rainy Day Blahs (4618933560)" by Pink Sherbet Photography from USA - A Case of The Rainy Day Blahs. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.