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Monday, 17 November 2014

5 Reasons Why Blogger Is Better Than Wordpress

Blogger is the first choice for many of us and many switch to wordpress for further expansion. I have been using blogger for all my websites and I am happy with the websites and their performance.

If you are new in blogging, then blogger is the easiest way to start your blog as it is very easy and user friendly. There will be always a battle on which platform is better, but blogger has some superb things which wordpress lacks for sure.

Are you ready to know the secrets?

#1: Blogger Provides Same Features Even in blogspot extension

There are many limitations when you sign up for a free wordpress blog. You can't add widgets to your sidebar, the amount of themes available is limited and it won't support ads of your own.

If you wish to earn, then you need to edit the html, which is not everyone's cup of tea.

Blogger on the other hand, provides the same feature doesn't matter if you have blogspot extension or a custom domain. The widgets are supported in html or javascript format.

In addition, since blogger is owned by Google, you need not create a new account for blogger, you can sign in via Google and also you can sign up for Adsense, which can be easily implemented in blogger.

#2: Blogger Provides Free Hosting From Google

In Wordpress if you need to have a custom domain, then you need to have a hosting plan too where you can host the website. In blogger, you need not worry as your blog is hosted free by Google.

Hosting charges vary, but if you are starting out, all you need to do is sign up for blogger and have a domain for one year and need not worry for any charge on your blog.

The only thing for you to worry is to work on your content of the blog. The content is the best thing which will get your blog the recognition you want. Work for it.

#3: Blogger is backed by Google

Okay, I am little biased over here. I love Google and have my complete faith in them. Even if you disagree, you have to agree, you are blogging to impress Google, and not any other search engines out there.

Google always focuses the energy on things that grow and is in very high demand. Since many of the bloggers are using blogger, there is not any time near Google closes blogger.

Even if it happens, it will be the most smoothest transition ever. After all, Google will be doing it.

#4: Less Security Threat

It is advisable to always back up your blog's data or the complete blog in some hard drive for any unwanted scenario. It may or not happen, but we all should do it. After all, we worked very hard for our blogs, right?

Google's webmaster provides immediate message if your site gets compromised. Though, most of the times, the hack is from host side, so in blogger it rarely happens. Thanks to the hard shield of Google.

Remember to make your Google's username and password tough, as it is the only on log in for everything. To make sure, you enjoy the blogger from Google, make sure to verify the mobile phone for immediate text notification too.

#5: Basic SEO  Ready For you

In blogger, you can edit the permalink of your url to suit your targeted keyword, tag the blog post's with label's, edit the location, if you wish to target a specific audience.

The best of all, you can edit the search description, the way you like it and keep on modifying it, if you wish in future, very simply.

All these features are just to right side of the editor page.

Meta tags and robots access can also be defined in blogger, the more you explore it, the more you will benefit from it. It is the most easily absorbed blog platform out there.

Conclusion :

Doesn't matter which blogging platform you use, your content will make the whole difference. If you are just starting out, then I would recommend blogger and if you feel comfortable, try other platforms too.

Once you have some experience in using them, go with the platform with which you are most comfortable with.

On which platform do you blog and why makes you love it?