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Saturday, 21 March 2015

How To Outsource and Why?

There are many things which come in our way, the problems keeps hanging for us and there seems no solution. Sounds like you. Yes, we all have been in the same shoes before or now. Be it blogging, understanding the technicalities of blogging or plain just in understanding new technology.

Our Grandma's find it tough to understand the smartphone's. So what they do? Do they try to understand it all by themselves and get lost in frustration, yes many do that. But, the real solution lies in simply asking for help. It is no shame and it often saves time and you don't become less productive.

Outsourcing is the answer.

We Can't Do Everything

Although it might seem like we are the best person in the world to do any job, it isn't. Whenever we get stuck in some problem, we need to understand the basics of it and invest time in it. Most of us do the same. But, there is a time frame in which you should try to come up with a solution, else you are simply wasting your time.

One should use the formula of '30 minutes work and then outsource'. Whenever you get stuck in any problem, be it a blogging set up, hosting problem, understanding new phones or trying to come up with cooking dish for the day. Invest no more than 30 minutes to analyze and see if you can fix it, if not simply ask for help or outsource the work to other people who can do it. 

Yes, it would cost money, but your time is more important. You can then spend your time on things which you are really good and make most of the time. That's how things should work in ideal frame.

It Keeps The Cycle Running

Sometimes you will need expertise and other times you will be the expert. If all of us keep on trying to do the things on their own, it would lead to you not being hired for your strength's. Let us keep the cycle of good things going, after all like karma it would come back to us.

Places like elance, freelancer are the online ones where you can give or get service done. You need to be open and have an experimenting nature to find the best suited candidate or the employer. Once in the shoes, it would be an on-going flow and that's where you need to aim for.

We need to go on testing, sometimes interviewing, but in the end we will get the things straightened up. Neil Patel of QuickSprout blog often goes to freelancing for the custom needs on his blog like popular post widget. It saves time for him, and the money invested comes back again in terms on results.

Some Actionable Tips

When outsourcing on elance or any other online places, make sure to only give some test work first. Select candidates based on history, and sometimes new ones too. Repeat the task to have a list of few candidates who completed the work. Compare their work and then interview them on skype to see if they can better understand your whole project.

If you get the right candidate, you are good to go. Book that person for the long term project, so you don't lose him/her.

If not, no worries run the trial once again, it will hardly take 2 to 3 trials to find the best candidate, but once done you can rely completely and get the work done in time and as per your needs. The power of outsourcing compels you.


You should have been convinced now to do the right thing when it comes to doing all the task yourself. If not, then try to do it, but don't blame me if you mess up. It only takes away your precious time and the worst you have just acquired a skill you might only use once, not worth it,right.

Take your decisions wisely and be on the high productive side. It is never late to analyze your task and outsource whenever necessary. Even Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome blog increased production after outsourcing.

Do you guys outsource, which task you do so?