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Monday, 20 April 2015

3 Evergreen Practice in SEO

When it comes to getting more eyeballs to your content, we all run after tiny bits of SEO and try to correct everything we can. Sometimes we run after agencies to get it correct, well some can do the right thing while others use deceptive ways which can ruin the rankings.

So how to get it all straight?

These are the 3 evergreen ways to get your SEO straight and your website or blog shall be seen in all good ways in search engines eye's. Let's get started.

Satisfy Users

No matter the industry you are in, unless you strive to be the best in the space, you will only succeed at slower pace. The main motive should be to solve a problem in most effective manner.

Google loves your site as long as user loves it. Don't make your readers wander for information. Make it simple, straightforward and to the point.

Try to give more than enough, so users keep on recurring and it will send good vibes to search engines and this is the simplest and toughest SEO practice you can do.

It's impact is heavy. Try this out and share your results with me.

Interlink Your Posts

Wikipedia is the best example when it comes to interlinking. Since wikipedia has literally millions of articles, almost all of it's words link to some article. Since, you can't do that, you should link out only when necessary and appropriate.

It should be helping users with more information. If it is being followed by users, it will boost your on page time and decrease your bounce rate.

Yet another revolutionary thing you can do in SEO. Simple, yet magical.

Make Your Site Accessible

If your site has a contact page, about page, sales page, it should be easily accessible by humans and bots alike. This way, you can give your site a good rating for accessibility.

At the same point, try to have a clear url structure, which is user friendly like example.com/home instead of example.com/myhomepageoffun.

The more easier it is, the more people will feel comfortable and it will give a better user experience. A proper url structure helps in gaining less not found pages too,


SEO is an important aspect of your business online. You should wait to see magical things happening for your business. You need to take the charge and do it now.

Start with one SEO hack one time and then leverage others as your business grows online

Have anything to add to SEO hack?

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