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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Collecting Emails And Success

It all starts with a vision and ends with frustration . Our goals, be it selling, gaining an expertise or just building up portfolio can go in vain, if we don't showcase some stats, or see ourselves some nice figures.

You guys know the importance of email, it is the direct communication through which you can influence your buyers, enrich your readers and most importantly create a lifelong relationship.

How do you succeed with email marketing? Let's find out.

1- Emails Ensure Audience

When you email your previous readers, you know they might come back for more and you will have some solid audience for every new product or content.

In online world, it is best to have some initial traction so the content in long run gets even more successful.

People like you who give their email, trust us and when someone hands over there email address, they are the repeat audience which can make the business go successful.

Email is the best way to reach the audience before any social media promotion.

2- People Spend More Time

From Neil Patel's experience, the people who comes from email stay longer on the site compared to other referral source. The reason for this is that, people on your email list knows you and thus the content is something they wish to read or interact to.

The time people devote to your site, the more time for you to impress them or make them hooked.

On a plus note, the on time stay is a good indicator to show to your advertisers and also for your off page SEO. So, write some killer emails and deliver in that quality only.

3- Get Some Extra

If you have a product, you can ask for a review after some time one purchases the item via email. Or you can ask them to share their experience, thus increasing social aspect of the product.

Emails make people act faster than anything, so make sure you use it for three arrow strategy for product.

First mail all your readers about the product with a link for discounted price. Second, put them a reminder for the last day of discount. And lastly, ask them for a review, for some nice giveaway.

This will ensure the best out of your email marketing for any product.

4- Make Your Email Subscribers Special

Your email subscribers are the people who are ones who keep coming to your content with every email of yours, you need to make them special by giving something only to your list.

This way, they will stick on your list and you will get most of your list. This is a two way mutual benefit act. Just keep giving and you will receive more than ever.

For example, discounted price for only your list, or some giveaway. Make it your own and enjoy success.

5- Get Your Tools And Automation

To make this all a success, you need some simple yet effective ways to collect emails, there are many out there like Aweber, Optin Monster or Ininbox (free option available)

Just go for it. Now since you have tools, opt for some settings in which an email is sent automatically for every new posts or for every 3 posts. This way you need to manually send some emails only to interact and not every time.

Tools and automation will save your lot of time.


If you got to achieve more with your online presence, email marketing is the key to nice success jump. It is slow, but with sweet rewards in the long run.

Ultimately, you will have a good loyal following if you are being awesome for the needs of your readers. You will go from just another start up to a flourishing online business, if you do the email thing the right way.

Which service of email do you use and why?